Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Check Ya Net!

Gotta love Busta Rhymes getting down like a Senator. No, not in a "wide stance" kind of way but in a "Intranets is a series of tubes" kind of way.

Check out the onsmash clip of Bussa Buss decrying the good ol' days (hey, that's my gig) and remembering the time when he spent millions on recording before "the computer caused that fuck up." Busta is, as always, hilarious and gives voice to the rarely heard "wealthy celebrity" demographic. Plus he is right about them ringtones!

Absorb the knowledge and be prepared for NSFW language.

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Boo hoo Bus. Now other people can make music too. How's he gonna hate on people trying to hustle and come up on their own, using computers and YouTube and PayPal and whatever else to create and promote their shit? He's come a long way from the lyrics he was spitting way back in the Leaders of the New School days.

And here I was thinking the record labels were the problem. Thanks for the post 30f, now I know some artists are just as arrogant and boneheaded.
And talking of promoting your own shit, I like how the people who posted the video added half a minute of music at the end. Who is that? The beat's hot.
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Ah never mind I see. Aftermath labelmate Bishop Lamont. Is the irony intentional?
Poor Busta, I actually stoped listening to our local hip-hop station the year after he went away.

He's right too, add computer enhancement to any industry people think they have a golden ticket to the top of the charts.

My personal problem with it is has pretty much replaced writing style and sound as whole, and in rap and hip-hop, man that's all you got.

It was what made you an OG "back the day"... ^-

I'm glad to have him back in action though, just as I was when Icecube made his return. Still love that single.

That Ringtone bit was dead on, as was his bling rant. I'm still grinning. ^^
I think the irony is intentional. He jokes about the fact that he could hustle the label for $4 million when he only sold, at most, 2 million. I think the real lament comes at the end, where he pines for the days when he could drop a hot album to the street and still get his bread without having to worry about crossover appeal to justify the advance. Ironically, that's almost the exact scenario that he describes earlier, which the computer has actually facilitated (except for maybe the gatekeeper effect of the labels and resulting hero worship he would've earned from the aspiring guys who couldn't yet make their own tracks).
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