Monday, October 01, 2007

Hooray for White People!

The music industry has a long history of white people “borrowing” the coolest cultural elements from black Americans and using it to make money. I’m not even gonna get into all the examples, they are legion.

In Chris Rock’s 1996 stand-up specialBring the Pain” he talked about how there weren’t any cool white people any more, just white people trying to act like they are black to be cool. I believe Rock's references then were Fred Durst and Kid Rock. Hard to argue with that logic. And shame was upon the white folks for their lack of creativity.

But now things have changed and the Vans are on the other foot. Cool Kids just released a new video with the title “Black Mags” – a reference to the magnesium rims on BMX bicycles. Hard to get whiter than BMX bikes. Maybe one of those rappers is named Earl.

All through hip hop there has been a recent surge in the combination of urban culture with X Games style. Early on there was Skateboard P and his own BMX-ing in “Lapdance” (NSFW link). Lupe Fiasco kicked and pushed and the Pack rapped about their love of Vans – Spicoli’s favorite shoes. I saw the expression “skurban” used on some talk show and I knew this phenomenon had picked up steam.

In the Cool Kids clip there is even a rapper wearing post-modern skate inspired nuthugger jeans. Damn! White folks MUST be cool again.

Side note - the Cool Kids clip seems to "borrow" a lot of elements from the Pack clip. Black and white photography, tight shots of various middle school girls mouthing the lyrics, etc.

What is the next element to be absorbed into the new urban landscape? How about surfing? Sounds impossible, but check out top-level pro surfer Bobby Martinez – he has all the tatts and gangsta bonafides, plus he is an amazing surfer. Martinez has a ghetto background more real and gritty than many rappers, so it seems like an obvious choice.

I can’t really predict what will be next, but for now “Hooray, white people are cool again!” (quick take photo, sure not to last).

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Heh. Well that certainly is interesting. I've noticed it too, acctually.

Sometime last month I noticed the video for that single Coast. (I have no idea who's work that is, and no desire to pursue it...)

When you can spin a hip-hop bit about the act of just... erm... well "cruising" on your skateboard...

Heh,well it doesn't get much whiter than that. ^^

As for the pants, well really no need to comment on the likely appeal there, is there?

Say Cheese,

- Nicci

lupe fiasco "kick push"
Thank you. ^-
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