Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Keeping it Clean

I know the topic of fan created videos has been covered before – both here and other places, but I though recent events justified a new mention.

Tuesday’s Wall Street Journal had a whole article dedicated to the “downside” of fan created videos. Seriously, it is sub-titled “Hundreds Enter, but Some Complain Winners Are Often Pros Seeking Exposure, Not Loyal Listeners.” You can read the WSJ piece here, but you already know exactly what it is gonna say.

Once a mainstream media outlet gets a hold of something from the “fringes” of society – crunk, flash mobs, Scott Storch, lipstick parties, et al – you know the gig is up. If it is getting major ink in Time or the Wall Street Journal, you know the cool factor is already long gone. So I was assuming that fan video contests were deader than Ja Rule’s Reunion Tour until I saw …

A new contest on the horizon. No, not Spielberg's "The Lot" reality show. Seriously, this new competition changes it all. This is a new paradigm. The website even gives prospective directors some great advice:

Think original. Be creative. Impress us. Actually, wow us! Is the idea behind your video fresh and new? Will it make people say, "That was really clever!" Or is it just another version of an idea we've all seen a million times already?

Win us over. Regardless of how original your idea may be, is the video appealing and interesting? Will people enjoy seeing it and watching it over and over?
And be sure to keep it clean. [ARTIST X] is a good guy, so we’ll ask ourselves, “Is it respectful of [ARTIST X]?”

Details, Details. [ARTIST X] sweats the details and knows that even the best ideas fall apart if they're poorly executed. Have you paid attention to the details? Have any embellishments you've added strengthened the idea or do they just distract?

Who could save the world of fan created content and make YouToogle relevant again? Why Mister Clean of course? The above creative advice is excepted from Senor Spotless’ website and you can even watch a sample of their idea of a creative concept on the splash page. (is that Gondry-esque stop motion?)

Check it out and rejoice that fan made video contests will live forever.

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This is a noble effort on behalf of Mr. Clean, but he's never going to be as cool as Scrubbing Bubbles.
No 30f, that's Norton-esque stop motion. Huge difference.

This was exactly what I was guessing would happen. User-generated content might have been novel last year, but 6 months from now your average viewer is going to be sick to death of amateur (and mostly boring) commercials and music videos made by ambitious college students and hobbyists.
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