Thursday, February 01, 2007

Opposite world

This blog is rarely about me reviewing videos - both since there are many other sites that do that and since I find that stuff kind of beside the point. I enjoy the machinations, selling strategies, whys and wherefores behind the scenes far more fascinating than what usually ends up on your Viacom-owned video outlet.

But, someone turned me on to a very literate blog that is all about the poetry and art of music videos. Check out Obtusity for deep thoughts on clips like the new Game/Kanye joint:

Kanye flows, "the only dream of a ghetto prom queen was to maybe make it to the screen," and isn't that exactly the same dream of ghetto prom kings?
Obtusity also has a sharp piece over on videostatic about a video I might have just dismissed as navel-gazing drivel. Now I know it has mythological references. My brain is tired.

Anyway, check it out. It seems like a bizarro-world version of 30frames.

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