Saturday, December 09, 2006

The Posse Blocker

Just a quick hitter for Kev.

I was talking to a very experienced urban director and we were laughing about all the dumb stuff that must get shot on a video because the artist wants it. Like his new custom Nike's or him with his main girl or his friends/manager/posse getting wild in the club. Shoots run long, artists are late - and even though the director doesn't wanna waste film or (more importantly) time on shooting the rapper's cousins, he might have to. Artists don't often hear "no" so the set is not the place to start.

When forced to do this kind of ego-boosting BS, the video pro said he would tell his DP to put on the "Godfather filter" (name changed to protect the director) and shoot the posse shots. The artist would watch the playback monitor as the posse guys posed or fondled the hoochies or whatever. The director could placate the artist they could move on to the next set-up without anyone ever knowing ...

"Godfather filter" meant "don't turn the camera on." They wouldn't run film and no one ever knew the difference. Allegedly no artist ever wondered what happened to that cool shot of Cousin Ray-Ray when they got to the edit.

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I have actually done this before but I didnt know there was a name for it, "The Godfather filter" thats awesome, but now that youve spolied the name ill have to think of another one.

I want an end of the year best-of list!!
Yep, I've been there a few times... But you might wanna also showcase the other classic hip hop moments:


It seems like people wanna let others know they are ok and doing well where ever they have traveled to. You know, they're being fed, entertained, drinking, smok'n good stuff, etc... It seems like a kidnapping video gone wrong.

"YO I wanna shout out my man stylz, my man bochi and b-hustle; We chill'n here on/at [insert artist's name here] set and YO! YOU KNOW HOW WE DO.... POP'N BOTTLES, BIG PIMP'N, DO'N IT BIG!!!"

Then there is #3


Everytime the camera light is on...

Any camera or interview person on set:

"We're here with [insert name here] on the set of blah blah blah....

The Entrepreneur:
Yeah..we here do'n it big and oh, don't forget my new joint, instores July 14th and i'm also on my mans joint his shit drops August 5th......oh and we sell'n shirts and hats here... Yo, you like movies? I got DVD's...."

You gotta listen to the roll off of things that artists (or person) is doing or selling. This has now started to become common to just average general working class hip hop fans. I was the DP on a hip hop show this past August and we'd ask a question [man on the street style] about the streets and get a list of "COMING SOON" projects and shout outs from everyone we'd they think we're going to buy anything or edit their shout out into the show?

It's always funny when that happens.
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