Wednesday, January 24, 2007

My Chemical Rickey

On MTV's TRL today (January 24) there were two very disparate acts in the top ten. Okay, this is not unusual, but what was odd, was that both groups seemed to be wearing exactly the same outfits.

Yes My Chemical Romance and Pretty Rickey both appeared in clips where they were dressed in matching band unis. Some kind of Drumline homage, perhaps?

This has not happened since Rammstein and 98 Degrees both showed up on Dutch TV wearing identical wife-beater tank-tops in early 1999 - but that is another story for another time.

*Yes, I am aware that the Chemical Romance video was NOT the one pictured above. Today's video is a different, new clip - where the group is also dressed like Sgt. Pepper's Gothic Hearts Club Band.

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I'm not a fan of that outfit myself - I much liked it when My Chemical Romance had the black suits and red tie thing going on. But nevermind the clothing, I'm still a My Chemical Romance fan. Check out my blog at My Chemical Blog
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Gerard Way picked out the outfits last year, and wore them at MTV Music Choice awards to preform the debut of their single The Black Parade.

I'm not entirely certain but I'm also pretty sure he had a hand in designing the costumes, as a Queen homage.

On an interesting side note, the entire album was written about death, the style derived from Chaucer's Canterbury Tales.

But you probably knew that. ^^
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