Wednesday, December 07, 2005

New Spike Jonze work

Spike is the man. He directed seminal clips like the Pharcyde one where they move in reverse, Beastie Boys 70s cop-show Sabotage (with a look that has now been copied to death) and the Fatboy Slim video with dancing Christopher Walken. I realize that I could create links to where you could find all those videos - but I'm not. If you don't remember what Sabotage looks like, you may be reading the wrong blog.

Anyway, Spike is now a huuge commercial director and he does very interesting work within a corporate framework. He did an IKEA spot a few years ago with a lamp on the sidewalk that was genius. He also did a new spot for the Gap showcasing how they are demolishing and redesigning all the Gap stores. I did pull up a link for this one - the long playing director's cut that will be much shorter (and probably less edgy) in a TV length :30. Enjoy, and dig the Grove locations with the old FAO Schwarz store.

The antville site has lots of intriguing clips and video links - mostly posetd by directors themselves. The stuff on antville is often low budget and super arty - definitely worth checking out. Maybe they have the IKEA commercial.


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