Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Most videos, at least in the States, are not funny. They are sexy (about 60% of the time), or dangerous (30%) because that is what labels think sells records.

Are the labels wrong? I dunno. People tend to remember the funny Weezer clips, but I'm not sure how much they prompt people to buy CDs.

Most people seem to buy records because they want to either be the artist or have sex with the artist. They usually want to be the artist, just so they can sleep with the other people in the video. That photo above is the artist in a massive ball of her own arm-pit hair - so we can see they are not going for the sexy on this clip.

That being said, this video is great. I have enjoyed Lady Sovereign's music in the past and Brian Beletic always has a fresh perspective.

I especially love the scary monkey men and the Tetris performance set-up. Lupe Fiasco's "I Gotcha" also has some old school video game action in his recent clip. Maybe this is a trend.

Click on the photo below to enjoy the S-O-V.

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Oh come on. This is a third rate Eminem clip. The problem with most of these music video blogs and authors is their taste is slanted to the white audience. Case in point, any so called progressive review of a rap artist. If the rap artist is white and makes a video that supposedly rejects the �cliches� of black videos by being �out there� or �funny�, the white folk praise it with unrequited love and credibility. Have it directed by white hipster Spike Jonze or his desperate and far less talented emulator Brian Beletic, you have an Antvillean jerk off fest.

White English female rapper with zero camera charisma making a video with crappy production value, poor filmmaking, and flat jokes? Genius, of course. Rich black people bad. White people making fun of rich black people�good!
Maybe you're right. That video does suck. I should write more about videos by your 'people' - the trolls.
I know this guy that wrote this comment. He is always jealous of directors. Maybe he is one himself? I am a desinger and I don't hate on other designers. Next time post your work. I 'd like to see it.
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